Change Log


  • Introducing a revamped user interface for seamless navigation and enhanced user experience.
  • Added ‘Load Project’ feature for swiftly loading existing macro projects into TG Macro.
  • Introducing the “Save Project” functionality, enabling users to save and organize macros within their projects.
  • Streamlined macro management with the ‘Import Project’ option to effortlessly import external project files.
  • Improved ‘Clear All’ functionality for quickly resetting all changes and starting a fresh macro project.
  • Improved the ‘Exit’ button for smooth application closure and improved user workflow.


  • Ensured full compatibility with the latest Windows updates, including full support for Windows 11.
  • Optimized macro execution speed for rapid and responsive in-game actions.
  • Expanded macro-sharing capabilities with enhanced macro exchange among users in the gaming community.
  • Resolved a minor issue causing occasional macro duplication during project management.
  • Refined UI elements for better aesthetics and intuitive navigation.


  • Introduced advanced macro playback settings, including loop counts and customizable delays.
  • Added support for creating intricate timed sequences through precise macro timing adjustments.
  • Enhanced macro detection algorithm for superior in-game event recognition and execution.
  • Addressed a minor issue causing intermittent macro misfires in specific gaming scenarios.
  • Simplified the process of importing and exporting macros across different user profiles.


  • Introduced the new ‘Macro Wizard’ to guide new users through the creation process for a smoother start.
  • Optimized memory allocation to minimize system resource consumption and ensure optimal performance.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing macro playback interruptions during alt-tabbing or task switching.
  • Updated documentation with detailed instructions on advanced macro creation and utilization.


  • Implemented innovative ‘Conditional Macros’ with pixel color detection for creating context-sensitive macros.
  • Introducing customizable ‘Macro Delays’ for finely tuned synchronization in multi-step macros.
  • Enhanced error handling with clear and actionable messages for efficient troubleshooting.
  • Addressed a compatibility issue with select games that previously caused macro conflicts.


  • Integrated an expansive ‘Macro Library’ featuring pre-configured macros for popular games.
  • Simplified macro management with an improved import/export system for seamless migration.
  • Refined compatibility with an extended range of gaming peripherals for broader user accessibility.
  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent inconsistencies in macros across different in-game resolutions.
  • Updated user manuals with comprehensive guides on harnessing advanced macro functionalities.